GSoC 2012: Add Window Switcher Previewer to Plasmate, Report 2


On the second week of my GSoC, i have added a previewer for the Window Switcher. With this previewer, you will be able to view your own Window Switchers but also you could refresh it. Also there are two ways to run the previewer.

  • The first one is inside from the plasmate and it will only preview the current window switcher.
  • The seconde one is to run the Window Switcher Previewer as a standalone application. If you run it as a standalone application, you will be able to load any Window Switcher, as you can see in the screen shots below. The standalone Window Switcher is named windowswitcherpreviewer 🙂

 The Window Switcher which is embedded to Plasmate

The Window Switcher as a standalone application


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