Plasma Active on Qt5/KF5: Wallpapers and Activities Configuration

Hello, This is my second report for my GSoC. This week i was working on the Wallpapers and the Activities Configuration. While there was the support for changing the wallpapers the UI was more focused on a desktop rather than a touch device, which wasn’t exactly what we needed for Plasma Active.  So the new UI looks like the old one (Plasma Active 1), and the only small change is that we don’t show the wallpaper name. wallapers_active_touch The Activities Configuration UI has been changed a little bit.  So right now creating and editing an activity is in a different UI. Since when you create an activity, changing its wallpaper is not something that you will always do.  The UI of creating a new activity it has been moved to the Activity Switcher. plasma_active_create_activity2

Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Plasma Active on Qt5/KF5: Wallpapers and Activities Configuration”

  1. The reason why we wade selecting a wallpaper a routine step during Activity creation was that Activities play such a central role in Plasma Active that we wanted them to be easily visually distinguishable. When using the Activity Switcher, users should not have to read the name on each thumbnail to recognize the Activity they want to switch to.
    The same goes for the Activity screen itself.
    Therefore if now all Activities get the same default wallpaper unless users change it, that would be a problem.
    If you want to simplify Activity creation, I’d suggest to assign each new Activity a random wallpaper instead of the same for all.

  2. Hi, nice progress 🙂

    Just wanted to drop a quick note – I don’t expect we’ll be having activity ratings any more, so the stars will probably need to go away.


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