Plasma Active Ported to KF5

The GSoC might have come to an end, but I am very happy with the progress that we have made porting the Plasma Active to KF5. In my previous blogposts i have describe some of the stuff which they have been ported. So at the moment a lot of the basic features have come back to the  Plasma Active, so yes it is at a usable state 🙂 One of the big changes is that Nepomuk has been replaced with Baloo.  Despite the fact that a lot of the Nepomuk stuff has been ported, there are still some things left,  for example the timeline and tag support on the active-filebrowser.

Plasma Active on Action!

Unfortunately  my exam period is starting soon so I will not be able  to work more on Plasma Active for the time being. But I will be back when it will be over, which is in the end of September.

You can find us on irc on the #plasma channel on

9 thoughts on “Plasma Active Ported to KF5”

    1. Yes, sorry, i forgot to mention that. So here is the instructions about how you can build plasma active.

      You will need KDE Frameworks, you can find more information about how to build KDE Frameworks here, .

      Download the Plasma Active from its repository using git.

      git clone git:// –branch frameworks

      and then you can build/install it with:

      cd plasma-mobile && mkdir build && cd build
      make && sudo make install

      Then you can run plasma active with the following command,

      plasmashell -p

  1. Tried to build and use it under Arch. Compiled just the plugin and the file browser. nothing else. Tried to start it from a plasma5 session. Nothing happens. Then did “killall plasmashell && plasmashell -p” in krunner. Plasma 5 exited, but I only got the message: ksmserver not started.

    1. If you are already ruunning Plasma Desktop, then you have to stop Plasma Desktop first, before you run the Plasma Active. Thats why you needed to do “killall plasmashell && plasmashell -p”.

      Could you run the above command from a terminal in order to see if there are any warnings/errors?

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